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Joseph and Jesus (summary)

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Genesis 37, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50
September 11, 2001 attack  

Both loved by their fathers
Shepherds of their father’s sheep
Both had two names, Hebrew root names the same-  Joseph was named Zaphenath-Paneah, by Pharaoh
Both born through miracles
Sent by fathers to their brothers
Hated by their brothers
Not received by their brothers
Brothers conspired to kill them
Brothers reject their claim to preeminence
Both were bowed down to in the end by their brothers, in fear
Both left their fathers’ home of comfort to go to the brothers
Brothers were not where they were supposed to be:   Jesus – spiritual, Joseph- Shechem
Both had personal robes taken from them (stripped) – Jesus also gave up His glorious robe, made man, Joseph the 'coat of many colors'
Both of their F(f)athers clothed them
Both sent to Egypt in their youth (Hosea 11- talking about the Exodus!) both- a matter of survival, both had an Exodus out of Egypt- Jesus, a spiritual exodus
Both were sold for the price of a slave (Joseph- 20 shekles of silver, Jesus- 30 pieces) (Exodus 21:32) if you kill a slave adds 50% to the price!!!! (Zachariah 11:12)
Both subjected to temptation, both refused    (Hebrews 4:15)
Both falsely accused
Both were delivered to the Gentiles   (Gen 37:28)
Both placed with 2 other prisoners, one was saved and the other was lost, the one killed was hung on a tree as did the robber who died with Christ
Both began their life’s work at the age of 30   ( Gen 41:46,   Matthew 3:23)
Both were exalted by God after suffering        (Gen 41:41-43,  Phil 2:9-11)
Both forgave those who wronged them
Both were sent by God to save their people
Both returned good for evil
Both men’s destiny’s were set up in a way to demonstrate the awesome sovereignty of Almighty God
Both sat at the right hand of the most powerful ruler when exalted, both came from humble beginnings
Both had their brothers come to them 3 times - Joseph, Israelites came 3 times to the promised land
Both born under miraculous circumstances, Rachel’s ‘womb was opened’, Christ hasd the virgin birth
Both cared for the fellow prisoners
Both pointed the fellow prisoners to God (Joseph- interpretations come only from God, Christ- salvation)
Both were abandoned – (Joseph- after correctly interpreting dream was still imprisoned for 2 years. Jesus- abandoned by the Father on the cross and by the disciples for a time)
Both trusted in God and not man
Both ‘brothers’ covered their sin of selling Joseph or having Christ killed by the blood of a goat. Joseph’s brothers smeared his coat with a goat’s blood to blame wild animals. A male goat is the sin offering at Passover as an atonement for their sins, occurred at the time of Christ’s death (Numbers 28:22, Romans 8:3)
Both treated their brothers harshly for a time and then save them
Both rescued by foreigners on camels with spices and myrrh (Midianites – magi?)
Cistern was dry in the desert. The Israelite leaders were not watering the sheep, dry barren message of legalism
Reuben tore his clothes and repented when he thought Joseph was killed. (Mark 15:39)- Centurion ‘surely this was the son of God!’, is this like Judas? Repented and hung himself?
Judah was the brother who didn’t want to out and out kill Joseph
Jacob and God refused to be comforted
Both were hated because of envy by the Pharisees and brothers
Sin of the Jews and the brothers hurt themselves more than anyone else. The sinner pays the greatest penalty
All of the power given to both of them was used only for good
Both were in the pit for 3 days
Jacob accepted Joseph’s Gentile sons as his own
Both did the right thing when situational ethics would have said to do otherwise
The Bible records no sin in the life of Joseph when other famous characters did great evil
When being punished, both were serving
Joseph married an Egyptian woman, the bride of Christ is the church, including many Gentiles
Joseph broke down the brothers by his graciousness, giving them the money back for the grain, etc.  Christ showed love
Joseph kissed his brothers.  Jesus's cross was His kiss for us.   Judas kissed Him
Joseph needed to know 3 things
  -they had repented
  -they could live in peace
  -learned to love their father who they lied to for 22 yrs
Both were conscious of God throughout their lives
Both wept over their brothers and talked to all their brothers
Through Joseph and Jesus' faith, the whole family was redeemed
Joseph bones went to Caanan- faith that the promised land would occur (similar to Abraham), Jesus left for the real promised land
Both reported to their F(f)athers when their brothers were up to their tricks
They were both sold for money and both gave them money
Both ask for all of our posessions, Joseph gave life at the cost of slavery.  Christ gives everlasting life at the cost of everything (no gods before Him)
Joseph was sold into slavery (meant it for evil) but God meant it for good. Christ died on the cross but God meant it for good.
Brothers tried to drive them off, he said come close to me.
Both gave the brothers provisions, cash and counsel
Both warned them against quarreling as they head back to Egypt
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