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Politics and the Christian

These pages were some of the first available on this web site.  The timing was right with the beginning of the presidential race.  It was obvious that we Christians had lost our first love, standing unwaveringly for Christ and His values.   The (constructive) critical words are simply trying to awaken brothers and sisters before it is too late, and to rescue some from eternal damnation.  They were written in love and will continue to be updated when valuable information should arise.

These pages are composed to explore the expected outcomes from simply refusing to compromise any of God's word.  These pages simply try to apply the inerrant word of God to our political atmosphere today.  It isn't comfortable to fly in the face of overwhelming odds when a great deal is at stake.  God directs us to do that instead, throughout the scriptures. 

With time, the pages' messages will be validated.  Christians can either choose to be in line with God's direction or not.  Which is more important?   Obeying God or winning?  Standing firm and losing or compromising and winning?   Which could you defend better before Almighty God on judgment day? 


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