Would you like to show God how much you trust Him? 

Now we are knocking on the millenium.  We have a new election cycle beginning.

Ideally, we would only have to choose from candidates in all parties who realize how important our Christian heritage and our walk with God is to an ordered society.  Our founding fathers did.  This is a call to individuals to reflect on where they stand with our Almighty God and their personal walk with Him.  This is a call to all political parties to return to God-centered values, as this is our country's only hope.  

Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual--or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.

Samuel Adams

Christians should look for the individuals who pass the litmus test of standing firm in action and speech regarding God's values first.  This must be strongly followed,  whatever crowd that candidate happens to be addressing.   Candidates must put God First, if this nation is to survive.  Only these candidates are worthy of office.

Give up on the Republicans?  Maybe.  Maybe not yet!  Let us not be railroaded into thinking Gov. Bush who is as lukewarm as anyone can be and is thought to be 'capable of winning' is an option.  We must now work to help those standing firm for God to defeat such a Clintonesque candidate who puts moral issues back in the pack.  We cannot listen to the Republican leadership who has taken the good Congressmen and stifled their stands.  Not a single vote has been cast.  Polls can be wrong.  More importantly, with whom does God want us to stand?

First, as long as there are 2 individuals running in that party, Gary Bauer and Alan Keyes (a presumed candidate), we can support those candidates.   Senator Bob Smith and Pat Buchanan are on the right side but, unfortunately, list other issues ahead of morality.  Guys-Prove me wrong!  (Addendum 8/16/99- Both have lately been strongly calling morals / abortion most important - hooray!)  If nothing else, consider Keyes and Bauer, Smith and Buchanan as missionaries to a lost people, espousing God at every corner (Addendum- Forbes too?  He is taking a stronger than expected stand, thank God).  We could overwhelm the Republican leadership with such support.   The Republican leadership of today is not the same as in the past.  We need to know who to trust.  Be informed from multiple sources and pray for wisdom.

Give the Republicans a chance?  As Christians, we must help only the candidates who believe morality is most important.   The primaries are critical.  We can not wait on the general election.   Now is the time to change hearts.

Do not contribute to the party(s).  Such a contribution allows the non-elected party elite's to control the elections with their funding of their favorite candidates. 

Contribute only to quality individuals fighting the battle against compromising with evil.  Quality individuals will put God First in actions and words, no matter what crowd they are addressing.    

Through the current election laws, there would be an easier road to the White House if the worthy candidate was either a Democrat or a Republican.  The Democrats have proven themselves as liars (a sin) and complicit in Clinton's behavior.  It is just that simple.  The Republicans are keyed into Reagan's 11th Commandment- 'say nothing bad about a fellow Republican'.  The party believes in 'compromise', yet God does not want us to compromise with evil. 

It is time to forget the 'bipartisan' mindset and concentrate on voting for what is right.  It is time to be 'partisan' when the other party is wrong.  The 'bipartisan' attitude helped get us where we are today, in our state of moral decline.   To 'get on with the people's business' attitude has bypassed the first, critical step, that of seeking God and a moral mindset and fixing our own selves first.  This has been the major contribution to our decline.  We would have been much better off if they did not 'get on with the people's business', weighing down our shoulders with so many regulations that would not have been necessary.   

We bomb people in Kosovo.  Republicans choose to vote that Clinton cannot send in ground troops but yet they increase the funding for this evil killing (they are guilty too).   There is nothing 'humanitarian' about us being there, hurting those unfortunate people.  If you critically look at it, they are worse off than before we started.   We have a president who has shown over and over that he has poor judgement (remember Monica?  Sudan?  etc.) yet we allow him to control the most powerful military in the world.   What is worse, many Republicans want to go down on paper as opposing this illegal war but they continue to fund it, allowing it to continue killing people so they can politically look good since they 'opposed' it.  That is the worst kind of evil.   Killing for simply your own self-interest even while they know it is wrong!  Congress has failed to do their constitutional duty in both the impeachment as well as the declaration of war.  

We easily thank our predecessors who fought and died for our freedom.  We should.   We, just as easily, forget that it is an ongoing battle, no, a war, that we must each fight as best as we can in order to keep our freedom.   Actually, we need to regain many of our freedoms that have been frittered away.

Let us never cut anyone any slack just because they are Republicans.  These people must be critically examined.  School shootings will continue and other judgements from God will follow when we don't clean our own house.  Our Congress failed to clean house, we the people have not cleaned house either. 

We must stop 'business as usual'.  People are dying.  Our nation (One Nation Under God) is crumbling from within.    We forgot who we must answer to.

Formula for next time?

1.  Pray and understand God's will through His Word (The Bible).  We must repent with sincerity.

2.  Support only candidates who put God first in words and deed.  There are some. 

3.  Never support a political party or political action committees that lack a 'God first' attitude, thereby giving your hard-earned dollars to those who may oppose godly values.

4.  No compromise on God's values.  Other things come secondarily.   Other things are also important such as taxes and states vs. federal control, etc., but we must get our priorities straight.

5.  Vote for a Republican or Democrat candidate only if worthy and God would appreciate that choice.   Don't forget there are independent candidates, if the main parties fail.  An independent candidate may be a great choice, especially if the major party elite's shut out the good candidates in their primaries. 

6.  Don't give up, it is our duty.  Christians are called to be the 'salt and the light'.  Remember it only takes a little salt to flavor the meal.

7.  Judgment is critical for a president.  Remember where wisdom comes from -

Psalms 111:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom ; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise. (NIV)



Links to political web sites - check for yourself where each candidate places moral values such as abortion in their list of issues. 

bauer2k.jpg (8139 bytes)   check out

keyes200.gif (15147 bytes)  check out

b2-logo-.gif (4935 bytes)     ... but he has another link that puts pro-life #1


bsfp400.jpg (11040 bytes) ...but he has another link that lists                                                                                   abortion #1 (only alphabetical?).   good guy.  officially out.

sforbes.gif (16703 bytes)

quayle.gif (6065 bytes)

officially out.

gwbush.jpg (52495 bytes)  check out

rnc_logo.gif (6335 bytes)  ...notice the disconnect between The issues (lacking pro-life) and the Party Platform (that Bob Dole refused to read or   follow, written by many well-meaning conservatives).   The Republican leadership (not the good folks trying to fix this mess) and their choice (G.W. Bush) continue this trend.

The Democrats are all politically 'pro-choice' and are never worthy of a Christian's vote, much less for other immoral stands.  Elizabeth Dole falls into the same category. 

ustp.gif (18352 bytes)           now (9/99), has become the Constitution Party


 CPflaganim.gif (15684 bytes)


Awesome Christian Sites


mccain2000.gif (12699 bytes)  or go to to see where he stands on abortion.  Very similar to G.W. Bush.


hatch2000.gif (7079 bytes) or go to   Once again, no litmus test.  This attitude is exactly why we must move away from the Washington elite's.

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