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Christian Leaders

Leaders, many of you have blessed us with your ministries.  Undoubtedly most of you dearly love the Lord and love people as well.  Most of you have noble goals for your ministry and deserve honor.  So, just what is the problem with our nation and our failure to impact fellow Christians and non-Christians alike?

Despite the constructive, relatively stern words to the Christian leaders in this site, you deserve great credit for trying to be true to God. You undoubtedly try to please God. In many ways you are successful yet we wonder why the church in America continues to decline. There are answers.

By no means should this be taken as a ‘holier than thou’ attitude in these pages. This is clearly not the case. If only that were true!  This is written simply as evidence of the truth in God’s Word showing the acceptable approach to please Him with a hopeful, realistic expectation of His subsequent blessings. These pages pale in comparison to the accomplishments of many Christian leaders today. Does that mean these pages cannot deliver a true message? No. Test it with the Holy Bible as your standard. 

As you know, in the Old Testament when God wanted to speak to His people to correct their straying, He would send a prophet.  He would speak to and through the prophet.   Each time, the impact of the message greatly depended on the response of the people to God's Word, usually directly correlated with judgment and calamity on His people.

Today, where are the prophets?  Shall this question be answered by another question?  Why would we need prophets when God has given us all the instruction we would ever need in His Holy Scripture?  The Israelites had no such material.   They had more of an excuse, but with the written Word, we have absolutely no excuse. 

The Scriptures validate the words written on this web site.  This site needs no other validation.  If, however, if these words do not coincide with those of the Bible, please let us know and by all means, follow the Bible's lead.  Test these words well.  The Scripture is sufficient.  Therefore, we should study the Bible.  Through the lens of inerrant scripture, this site deserves serious study.  

A simple question is asked and begs your consideration. The question is: Could the impotence and decreasing numbers of Christians in America be due to something wrong in the camp? (Reminiscent of Joshua first losing a battle against Ai when only one Israelite disobeyed God and hid some silver [Joshua 7])

Over the past couple of years, many of you have been given multiple opportunities to consider the Dio approach (http://dutyisours.com). We have historical evidence and Biblical teaching that these words are correct. Despite the opportunities, no individual has shown Biblical evidence that the message on this site is wrong in any way. To the contrary, the entire scriptures fully support the reasoning.

Of those who have considered the messages in the political pages, most have willfully chosen to go against their higher mandate from God to embrace a lower goal of winning an election (albeit with a nice Christian, George Bush) when we are directed to follow scriptural direction and to never compromise His values.   

'Leaders’ make Christianity look foolish when others see the willingness they portray, to compromise what we claim as inerrant.   By our poor choices, denying the direction exhibited by the great men in the Bible, we then indicate that we truly do not believe the scripture is inerrant.  These same, completely human individuals who, when facing greater obstacles, at greater personal peril, chose to never compromise. 

Oh, but you say you don't compromise!  In order to avoid a Gore presidency, you lined up behind President Bush (a fine fellow) but who overtly downplayed the most important moral dilemma our country has ever had, abortion and wholesale persecution of Christians worldwide.  Praise God, Mr. Bush is a Christian.  May his policies surpass our hopes for his presidency.  But, ask yourselves this, did we send the right message to the perpetrators of evil in this society?  Did our deception help save them from eternal damnation? 

Oh, but you say that was being wise as serpents!  No, it is simply the fear of man proving to be a snare with time.  Our witness is destroyed by the deception we display to those perishing - those same individuals we were sent to save! 

We could have impacted our society more if we chose to not compromise, despite the possible consequences.   This is not theory.  This is true as we see occuring in China, Sudan and other places of persecution.  Once we reach the people caught in Satan's snare and we are used by the Spirit to free them, we won't need to worry about political agendas.  Of course, as it is, we have failed there as well.    

Where is the biblical evidence that following God is different when it comes to politics? Why choose to compromise? Sure you run the risk of losing an election but that is nothing compared to a choice that wins with God. You want a seat with the politicians? You theoretically now have that and it weakens our witness to the world.  In their minds, we simply have a different debatable agenda from themselves.  Only by appealing to a Higher Power can we show the overwhelming importance of our views, when aligned with His.  Otherwise the powerless arguments become simply our views verses their views. 

By occupying that seat at the table, you hold contempt to those of us who try to follow the biblical principle of no compromise. You guarantee opposition from those looking for failure on our part in upholding the Word- and now give them fuel, instead of holding firm against the storm.  We are not given that option by our Lord, anyway, something about being lukewarm, etc. When this is done, you have failed your sheep and our Lord. 

Despite what you may think at this time, it is not just politics.  More important failures are looked at in the following pages.

The rest of the web site is dedicated to calling Christians back to their first love and what the results may be if we choose to not compromise. In this part of the site aimed at the American Christian leaders today, evidence is put forward that the church is actually being destroyed by the ‘leader's’ consciously chosen concessions, usually done with good intentions but their failure is obvious in our society today.   These are not God's way.

Please continue on for your own consideration, effectiveness, and to God’s glory.

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Copyright Dio, Inc., 2001

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