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Important Comparisons and Definition


 Moral Issues

  • God’s values First.
  • Truth.  
  • Abortion.
  • Homosexuality.
  • Policies that affect God’s plan. (military strikes, etc.)


 Abortion vs. Slavery

  • Both are unconstitutional according to the Declaration of Independence.
  • Strong opinions on both sides.
  • Morality eventually wins and history will judge the moral high road as correct.
  • Change of heart of the people will eventually come. (maybe after losing a painful battle)
  • Religious individuals will never give up or go away. It is a mandate from God to care for the weak and helpless.
  • Democrats wrong on both issues.
  • Whigs waffled, allowing Republicans to be victorious. ? Third Party next?


See why morals should be first in politics, etc.


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